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What is Soprano Ice Platinum/Ice Laser?

It is the process of thinning the hair follicles by sending laser beams to the area to be removed from the hair and thus removing the hair from the skin in a few sessions. Thanks to its wide head, it is a procedure that shortens the treatment time by half. The difference between Soprano Ice Laser and other laser methods is that it creates a cold effect instead of hot on the application area at the time of application with its special head and eliminates pain and aching. In addition, it affects even the darkest skin and light-colored hairs. It provides a serious decrease in unwanted hairs with a few sessions.

How is Soprano Ice Platinum/Ice Laser Applied?

Thanks to the laser beams that reach many hair follicles with one shot thanks to its special head, the hair follicles are frozen. With the resulting cold, the hair roots are worn and weakened. Thanks to the ironing method, it purifies the skin from hair to fine hairs on dark skin. The duration of all hair removal varies from person to person and takes an average of 9-12 months.

Who Is Soprano Ice Platinum/Ice Laser For?

Soprano Ice Platinum/Ice Laser can be easily applied to all young people, adult women and men, starting from adolescence.

In Which Areas Is Soprano Ice Platinum/Ice Laser Applied?

  • Underarm Area
  • Arms & Legs
  • Genital area
  • Bikini area and breech area
    hip area
  • Belly and back area
  • It is applied to the face, neck, nape and ear areas.

Is Pain or Ache Felt During Soprano Ice Platinum/Ice Laser?

A cold sensation is created during the laser shot, thus minimizing pain and aching.

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