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What is Salmon DNA, Youth Vaccine?

Salmon DNA, also known as Youth Vaccine, is a vaccine application consisting of hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA. The procedure, which moisturizes, renews and rejuvenates the skin, completely eliminates wrinkles, especially around the eyes, thanks to its anti-wrinkle content.

Why Salmon DNA, Youth Vaccine?

The application, which starts to show effect with the first session, usually achieves the desired result within 5 sessions. It is an application that can be done by every adult person who does not have a general health problem, and it is used in the treatment of wrinkles on the skin due to aging, moisturizing the skin, giving brightness and vitality to the skin, removing bruises under the eyes or giving a glow to the detention, and removing wrinkles on the neck, décolleté, and on top of the hands. It is also very effective in the treatment of stretch marks.

Who Is Salmon DNA, Youth Vaccine For?

  • Those who want to have a youthful skin
  • Those who want to protect their skin against aging and wrinkles
  • Those who want to get rid of skin spots and provide skin color integrity
  • Those who want the removal of bruises under the eyes

How is Salmon DNA, Youth Vaccine Applied?

15 days before the application, the skin is moisturized with the right moisturizers. On the day of application, the skin is cleaned with antiseptic products and anesthetized with an anesthetic cream. Then, a painless injection is provided with a mesotherapy gun. With this injection, amino acids such as hyaluronic acid, Glicine, L proline, L Lysine, and L Leusin are injected into the skin.

Is Pain Or Ache Felt During the Salmon DNA, Youth Vaccination Procedure?

Before the youth vaccination, the area to be made with local anesthetic creams is anesthetized before the procedure, thus minimizing the pain. In addition, since the painless injection method is applied with the mesotherapy gun, minimal pain sensation is provided.

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