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What is Pressure Therapy?

Pressure Therapy, also known as lymph drainage, is applied to help regional slimming by accelerating lymph and venous circulation in the body. It ensures that the broken-down fats are removed from the body. At the same time, the therapy applied by applying pressure massage to the body ensures the removal of edema accumulated in the body. Thus, it is an effective method in eliminating edema caused by diseases or drugs used, in the treatment of cellulite, and in regional slimming. It is a massage technique applied from the tips of the toes to the waist area.

Why Pressure Therapy?

The therapy, which is easily applied to non-pregnant women and men and women who do not have general health problems, allows you to achieve the desired result in a short time. It accelerates lymph and blood circulation. It removes cellulite and prevents its formation, gives shine to the skin. After the procedure, people return to their daily lives in a relaxed way with the feeling of having a massage.

Who Is Pressure Therapy For?

  • Those who want to lose regional weight and to get tighten
  • Those who want to get rid of cellulite problem
  • Those who have a regional edema attitude and want to lose the edema

In Which Areas Is Pressure Therapy Applied?

All areas from the tips of the toes to the waist and abdomen

Is Pain or Ache Felt During Pressure Therapy?

Pressure Therapy is a painless procedure. Contrary to pain, the application creates a feeling of massage and gives comfort to people.

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