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Foot Laser Hair Removal (Men)

In both men and women, there is intense hair growth at the points where the big toe connects with the foot. With laser hair removal, which is the solution technology for today’s unwanted hair, it is possible to say goodbye to the thin and thick hairs on your feet permanently. The hair on the feet, which men and women are uncomfortable with, can be destroyed by laser hair removal on the feet. Ladies and gentlemen, who prefer laser hair removal rather than painful and permanent waxing, razor or thread removal, have also increased the popularity of laser hair removal on the feet and made it a frequently applied method.

Leg Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Candela Leg Laser Hair Removal

The problem of hair growth, which is the biggest problem of almost every woman, is no longer a problem. Today, where many treatment systems are developed thanks to technology, laser hair removal can be applied to almost every part of the body. Alexandrite Candela, which is one of the most effective applications among laser hair removal systems, is known as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal, in which the treatment ends in approximately five or six sessions, also ends in fewer sessions depending on the structure of the hair

Waist Laser Hair Removal

The waist area is a part where good results are generally obtained. Since the unwanted hair in the waist area is very thin, the laser beams will not see the hairs in this area. Therefore, the hair in the waist area is shaved and thickened. In this way, if you go to your sessions regularly with laser hair removal procedures, you will achieve the results you want. You should pay attention to the fact that laser hair removal is done by specialist doctors at the beauty centers you go to. For this reason, you should definitely not do laser hair removal in places such as beauty centers. In addition, the number of laser hair removal sessions in the waist area varies between approximately 5 and 6 sessions. Of course, the number of these sessions may increase or decrease according to the skin color of the person and the hair structure of the person who will get laser hair removal.

Back Laser Hair Removal

Although it varies according to skin/hair structure and the body part, laser hair removal treatment in men generally takes 6-10 sessions. Leg, chest, and face areas respond better to treatment. The back, shoulder, nape, and upper arm areas are more resistant to laser hair removal due to the deep location of the hairs. It may require more sessions than other areas and the permanent reduction rate at the end of the treatment may be lower. While an average of 6 – 8 sessions is sufficient for the chest and leg areas, 8 – 10 sessions may be required on the back, shoulders, and neck areas.

Nape Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser is generally preferred in men with light skin and dark hair structure, as in women, in laser hair removal for men. However, diode laser hair removal devices that produce light at a wavelength of 800 -810 Nm or Nd Yag laser hair removal devices that produce light at a wavelength of 1064 Nm can be used because the light they produce in the shoulder, back, neck, and arm areas can reach deeper. While some the men, like women, want to have completely hairless skin, especially in some areas, the majority of them prefer to reduce the density of the hair to create an aesthetic appearance. Laser hair removal is most often applied on the beard, back, shoulder, chest, nape, and neck areas in male patients.

Shoulder Laser Hair Removal

The rays used in the shoulder area have a much more protective feature than the rays used in other parts of the body. In addition to the special rays used for the shoulder area, it is up to the person’s preference to apply a certain skin care application at the end of each session after laser hair removal for this area.

Neck Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is most often applied on the beard, back, shoulder, chest, nape, and neck areas in male patients.
After the laser hair removal procedure, you should not go out in the sun for 3 days, and if you do, creams with a protection factor of 30 should be used.
After the procedure, the hairs will grow and fall out within 3 to 15 days. In people with very dry skin structure, shedding may take up to 20 days.
If the skin is normalized by using a moisturizer, the shedding will be faster. It takes 4-6 sessions on body parts and 6-12 sessions on face parts. In the neck area, the session takes 5 minutes.

Hand Laser Hair Removal

With the Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal system, men can get rid of their unwanted hair in a very short time; and it is possible to get the desired results in a completely painless way in 4-6 sessions thanks to Ice Laser hair removal technology, even on the areas like the top of the bread and nape area, where the pain can be felt very severely.

Belly Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is the removal of unwanted hair on the body by a laser beam. With the wavelength (755nm) emitted by the FDA-approved Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal system, it is directly absorbed and destroyed by the black dye substance called melanin in the hair. Speed is very important in Alexandrite Laser Hair removal, which is a proven success in Laser Hair removal. In this way, it helps us to spare more time for ourselves. This feature of Alexandrite has also been one of the most preferred reasons among its Laser Hair removal devices. The belly area is among the preferred areas.

Chest Laser Hair Removal

What should be considered in breast laser hair removal procedures? Which method achieves the best results? How many sessions do the procedures take? Does it hurt? Let’s try to answer your questions. Chest hair is the hair that appears at puberty. Genetics is the precursor to the growth of these hairs. In some breeds, this area is hairless in both males and females. It is a small amount though. Chest hair is often seen in men in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions like us.

Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

Eyebrow removal with tweezers, which is applied for changes in the shape of the eyebrow and to get rid of the hairs that create a frowning expression in the middle of the eyebrow, has now left its place to laser hair removal.
Men, who have a harder temperament than women in terms of facial expression, also have an adjacent eyebrow structure and sometimes an unattractive appearance can occur when they have an excessive eyebrow structure.
Laser hair removal is the most common method used by men who are disturbed by this harsh temperament and want to give their faces a clearer and cleaner look. With laser hair removal, they can both get rid of the hair between the eyebrows and get rid of the excess that causes deformity in the eyebrows.

Arm and Underarm Laser Hair Removal

For those who ask how long the laser hair removal armpit does take, let’s say that the application will be completed in a few minutes. Underarm laser and arm hair removal can remove the hairs to a large extent in an average of 6 sessions. Even in areas such as arms and armpits, this rate is around 80 percent.

Ear Laser Hair Removal

Men generally apply to laser hair removal treatment because of the complaint of hair growth. Men should not remove hair from the root until three weeks before they start laser hair removal. The cleaning process of the ear areas is also like this.
Ear area sessions last 6 to 8 sessions. The session duration is 5 minutes.

Top of the Beard Laser Hair Removal

One of the most popular areas for male laser hair removal patients is the beard area. Unwanted hairs that grow out of shape and form, especially in the area from the cheek to the eye, can now disappear in an average of 4 sessions with only 5 minutes of painless sessions. Ice Laser Hair Removal – Soprano ICE laser hair removal devices allow this. In the past, the applications made with old technology laser hair removal devices were very painful, especially in the male beard area. With the new Ice Laser Hair Removal technology, neither pain nor ache is felt. With the ice laser device, which is especially preferred by male patients, it is now very easy to get rid of your unwanted beard hair in 5 minutes.

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