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What is FatBurn?

FatBurn, which creates the effect of 1-hour fitness training in the body in 15 minutes, enables patients to burn fat and increase muscle strength with the electronic stepper applied to the whole body. It also shows a great effect in the treatment of cellulite by accelerating circulation. Its effect increases when applied regularly.

Why FatBurn?

The application, which acts as an exercise for people who do not have time or do not like exercising, provides fat burning, muscle strengthening, flexibility, and relaxation in the body. It facilitates the discharge of edema. It is also used in the treatment of sports injuries and as a warm-up method before training.

Who Is FatBurn For?

  • Those who want to lose regional weight and to get tighten
  • Those who want to get rid of cellulite problem
  • Those who have a regional edema attitude and want to lose the edema
  • Those who want to prepare before training

In Which Areas Is FatBurn Applied?

FatBurn can be applied to the whole body.

Is Pain Or Pain Felt During FatBurn?

FatBurn is a completely painless application and makes people feel like they have been exercising.

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