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What is Enzyme Peeling?

Enzyme Peeling is a popular procedure that is preferred for cleansing the skin from spots as a result of the application of enzymes such as Bio Oxin and Dermamelan. Cosmelan reduces the amount of melanin in the skin so that the color of the formed spots is lightened and uniformity in the skin color is achieved.

Why Enzyme Peeling?

Enzyme Peeling, which is one of the effective methods in the treatment of spots caused by sun exposure on sensitive skin, prevents the formation of new spots. It is a method suitable for all skin types and people can continue their daily lives after the procedure. It is a treatment that acts in a short time and allows you to achieve the desired result in 1 – 4 weeks.

Who Is Enzyme Peeling For?

  • People who want their skin to look younger and get rid of age spots
  • People with acne scars and various skin blemishes
  • People with Melasma and Cholasma problems

How is Enzyme Peeling Applied?

It is a method that can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté, abdomen, legs and hands, and it takes place in two stages. In the first stage, a mask is applied to your skin, you do not have to wait in the clinic with this mask, which should stay on your face for 4-6 hours. If you want, you can remove it yourself at home with the instructions given by our doctor. Then comes the second stage, which is the cream application. This cream is applied daily to the area where the first treatment was made. The cream should be continued to be applied 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks after the mask application, and once a day after 2 weeks.

Is Pain Or Ache Felt During Enzyme Peeling?

The procedure is painless and ache-free, but a small amount of redness/irritation may be seen after the application on sensitive skin. This redness will go away in a short time.

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