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What is Dermo Hair Laser?

Dermo Hair Laser is a cold laser technology with a wavelength of 670 nm. With this technology, the movements of mitochondria in the cells are increased, the blood flow is accelerated, and the amount of oxygen in the cells is increased. It opens micropores on the scalp, allowing topical hair serums and mesotherapy solutions to penetrate more effectively. Thus, the scalp and roots are revitalized, hair loss is prevented, and the hair looks brighter and more vibrant.

Why Dermo Hair Laser?

Dermo Hair Laser is a 25-30 minute application once a week, 10 times in total, and it takes effect from the 3rd session. It stops hair loss by 85% and increases hair by 30%. It thickens fine hair and adds shine to hair. It also makes hair grow faster.

Who Is Dermo Hair Laser For?

  • Those with fine hair structure
  • People with hair loss problem
  • Those who want their hair to look brighter and livelier

How is Dermo Hair Laser Applied?

It is applied to the hair follicles by making cold laser shots at a wavelength of 670 nm with a session lasting 25-30 minutes.

Is Pain or Ache Felt During Dermo Hair Laser?

Dermo Hair Laser application is completely painless and ache-free.

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