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What is Classical Skin Care?

Classical skin care is the procedure of cleaning the oily areas and blackheads of the skin resulted in enlarged pores that has been rested under steam with the most suitable products.

Why Classical Skin Care?

The care applied to protect the skin from the aging effect of adverse environmental conditions, clean the skin deeply, and make it look smooth and radiant, is a process that is suitable for all skin types and shows its effect from the first application. It is recommended to be repeated once a month. Thus, your skin is protected against wrinkles and always has a radiant appearance.

Who Is Classical Skin Care For?

It is for anyone in their 20s who wants clean and smooth skin.

How is Classical Skin Care Applied?

Classical skin care application starts with cleansing the skin with products suitable for the skin. Then, peeling, tonic, steam, comedone cleansing, and mask are applied respectively. Finally, the care is completed by massaging with a moisturizer. The procedure takes between 1-1.5 hours.

Is Pain or Ache Felt During Classical Skin Care?

Classical skin care is an extremely comfortable procedure and does not feel any pain. On the contrary, people feel lighter after the application.

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