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What is BTX?

Botox is the injection of an exotoxin obtained under laboratory conditions from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum with fine needles to treat and prevent wrinkles and solve the problem of excessive sweating. It prevents the production of substances that provide conduction in the nerve endings, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles as the muscles in that area cannot work.

Why BTX?

Btx, which is an effortless procedure, is very effective in removing wrinkles as a rejuvenation treatment and eliminating this problem in people with excessive sweating. Btx, which starts to show effect within 3-4 days after the application, achieves the desired result within 10 days. The effect of Btx application, which lasts up to 4-6 months with a single session, extends up to 8-10 months when repeated regularly. For armpit applications, the effect is observed up to 6-12 months with only one session.

Who Is Btx For?

  • Those who want to prevent the formation of wrinkles
  • Those who want to remove their current wrinkles
  • People with an excessive sweating problem

In Which Areas Is Btx Applied?

  • Forehead Area
  • Between Brows
  • Around the Eye
  • Around the Lips
  • Underarm Area
  • Hand, Foot Area

Is Pain Or Ache Felt During Btx?

During the procedure, very slight needle sticks may be felt. After the application, redness, swelling in the applied area or very slight bruising may occur. These symptoms pass within 2 days.

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